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Savouring Every Second

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I don't normally bother addressing critics because someone's always going to be saying something, no matter what I say or do. But I thought I'd have my 2 bobs worth on these claims that I haven't 'officially' sailed around

the world.

Call me immature but I've actually been having a bit of a giggle over the whole thing. If I haven't been sailing around the world, then it beats me what I've been doing out here all this time!  Yes it's a shame that my voyage won't be recognized by a few organizations because I'm under 18, but it really doesn't worry me.

I mean there's millions, properly billions of people who still don't believe in global warming, so I'm more than happy to settle for a few people going against the tide and declaring that mine hasn't been an official circumnavigation. Well I think I've wasted more than enough time on the whole petty debate - so moving on!


I've had a bit of everything with the weather over the last few days. Some sunshine, some strongish winds and a thunderstorm the other night that shot-forked lightning into the water, not far from Ella's Pink Lady. I also pulled

some of the stitching out of my repairs on the mainsail. But despite that, sore hands and a little issue with the engine I'm trying to sort out at the moment, I couldn't be in better sprits.


I'm having the time of my life slowly cruising up the coast, not pushing Ella's Pink Lady too hard, and looking forward to arriving on the 15th. I'm enjoying all the highs of solo sailing and in just a few days, I've got seeing friends and family to look forward to.


I think I can safely say that I'm now seriously excited about getting home! It's probably a good thing that I'm by myself because if there was anyone else here I'd be driving them mad with all my hyperactive energy!




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