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So Close and What I'm Going To Miss

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My perfect conditions came to an end late on Tuesday with thunderstorms then this freezing cold southerly wind (brrrr!). Yesterday the wind was gale force but today it's eased off to 30 knots, giving us great surfing conditions with the sea standing up as it meets the east coast current.

I've spent the day on deck watching us surf along with a grin from one seriously cold ear to the other numb one (and right now I'm paying the price with a badly wind burnt face!).

I can't believe how fast this last week has gone. Only two more sleeps till the finish line! Have I mentioned how excited I am? It's like the day before Christmas except I don't ever remember getting this excited about Christmas. Two more sleeps till a hot shower, fresh food and, and, and, everything else! Mind you I think it's going to take a fair bit longer than that for the whole 'I've just sailed around the world' thing to sink in. It's just too big to get my head around!

Some time way back in the Atlantic, I remember I wrote about all the things I missed about home. So I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I'm going to miss out here. The first thing is pretty obvious, I'm going to miss
getting up and going sailing every day! I'm going to miss being out of range of my annoying brother! I'm going to miss doing things at my own pace and singing at the top of my voice without clearing the room.

I'm going to miss the kick I get from overcoming challenges by myself, flying along in the dark. A new sunset every night and the time I always take to watch it. I'm going to miss watching the waves and sea. I know it's
been nearly 7 months and I'm still not bored by it. The tumbling white tops when it's windy and the glassy reflections when it's not. I'm going to miss seeing Albatross circle around Ella's Pink Lady and beanie days for when finding a hair brush is just too much trouble!

Bruce, Suzanne and Mick on Big Waver Rider are going to be meeting up with me sometime tomorrow to sail the last few miles along side Ella's Pink Lady, can't wait to see them!

See you all soon!


Pic 1: A pretty special sunrise from before rounding Tasmania.

Pic 2: The "jury rigged" fuel pump

Pic 3: Today's surfing conditions with a rainbow in the background

Pic 4: The windblown look!


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