Southern Ocean Awaits As Jessica passes 6000 Mark


On day 51 of her solo circumnavigation, Jessica this evening passed the 6000 nautical mile mark and is preparing to take on the Southern Ocean.

She is currently on the same latitude as the iconic surfing town and Australia's most easterly point, Byron Bay. She is some 3,000 nm east of Cape Byron .

Having safely negotiated the testing French Polynesia region and heading south to Cape Horn, Jessica has been very busy in recent days, adhering to detailed checklists as she prepares her boat Ella's Pink Lady to take on the rougher conditions of the Southern Ocean. She changed over to a heavy weather staysail this afternoon.

Jessica has been in daily contact with all her shore team including Project Manager Bruce Arms, whom she has been cross checking lists with.

"Jess has prepared well and has been kept busy sealing small leaks and finding little jobs that are all very important as she heads into the tougher conditions down south. We went over the checklists that we had created especially for this part of the journey and I can't fault her attention to detail," said Bruce.

There is currently a low pressure system building up behind Jessica and it may bring stronger winds later in the week, earlier than initially expected, but she is keen to take on the challenges that lay ahead. 

"I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and ready for the inevitable storms that we will encounter at some stage over the next few weeks. But everything is going well, Ella's Pink Lady is in great shape and we're happy with our progress," said a buoyant Jessica this evening.

The 6,000nm mark also means Jessica has completed over 25% of her 23,000nm voyage, as the ever-decreasing critics remain eerily silent!  


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