Why I'm So Proud to be an Ambassador for MTA Travel 

As a brand ambassador for MTA Travel, I know you expect me to have good things to say about them, but one of the things I pride myself most on is my integrity, so you can rest assured that everything I have to say here is straight from the heart. 

Firstly, a little background. Unlike a traditional travel company, MTA’s agents are home-based, a model that revolutionised the industry back in the 90’s when Roy and Karen Merricks founded it. Although MTA isn’t as instantly recognisable as other travel brands, with over 380 agents around Australia there’s a good chance there’s an agent just around the corner. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with MTA for a number of years and am impressed by how fun-loving and passionate about travel all their agents are. Of course, they look after all my travel, which is not only convenient but also makes me feel a little bit spoilt. Not only do the agents give me fantastic recommendations, but they also know to ask for the extras, and occasional upgrades that make travel a little indulgent. And the MTA app is great, — it reminds me of my (rather frequent!) upcoming flights, stores all travel documents and even checks me into flights.  

While I hate to single out a particular agent as so many have impressed me, it is a conversation I had with longtime MTA agent Maxine and her partner John that I think best illustrates what’s special about MTA. They explained to me that after many years of booking travel, guiding groups and their own explorations, they’d developed a method of matching travellers with their perfect travel experience using what seems to be a mix of science, genuine care and intuition. 

Fun fact — you can also book a ticket to space on a Virgin Galactic rocket with MTA!